How Do We Measure the Statistical Significance of Legal Cannabis?

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It remains to be seen what focused marketing will do to expand the diversity of people who use legal cannabis.

Advocates, investors and entrepreneurs believe that the profile of marijuana users will change now that cannabis is legal. They all have one thing in common -- wanting to make money from the new cannabis consumer.

Many of the cannapreneurs I’ve spoken with are hopeful that new business data will enable the industry to monitor the change in the color, age and socio-economic background of cannabis users. That’s not necessarily the case.

Beyond all the speculation, there are also some undeniable realities that have to be factored in.

Facts are facts

Cannabis has been legalized for adult use in four more states, but the overall sample size is still small. That alone makes most generalizations about the market sketchy at best.

Trying to nail down real numbers on an illegal market is...

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