Company May Soon Legally Dispense Cannabis Oil In Texas Town

The first step toward legally growing marijuana in the state of Texas could come Thursday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is scheduled to begin accepting applications for licenses to dispense low-THC cannabis under the state’s Compassionate Use Act.

The town of Gunter, Texas, fifty miles north of Dallas, may be among the first locations approved. A company called Aquiflow, has purchased the town’s old cotton gin with plans to start production.

“If it’s legal, I’m all for it,” said Mayor Pro Tem Larry Peters.

Peters said the facility will have tight 24 hour security. He hopes the extra tax revenue will also help the town buy a new fire truck and improve its infrastructure. “If this puts us on the map, so what? The biggest thing is it’s gonna help people,” he said.

In east Dallas, Patty Bates-Ballard’s son has intractable epilepsy, the only condition Texas has approved cannabis...

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