Hundreds Attend Sold-Out Wedding Expo Featuring Cannabis

Hundreds of couples lined up for the Cannabis Wedding Expo in Littleton for its second year Sunday.

Although most people probably have not heard of a cannabis wedding, that's not so for 1,000 people who are cannabis curious or already connoisseurs. At the Cannabis Wedding Expo, vendors work to marry marijuana with holy matrimony.

The sold-out event was held at the Falls Event Center and brought together more than 70 cannabis-friendly companies with hundreds of couples who want to incorporate weed into their weddings.

Event organizers said they created the event because they were turned away from other traditional wedding expos for trying to incorporate cannabis.

"There are a lot of different ways to incorporate cannabis into weddings, from having hair and makeup artists who are cannabis friendly, where a bride can smoke a joint beforehand, to full budtending services, to edible chefs," said Philip Wolf, host and co-creator of the...

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