The Cannabis Industry is Driving Agtech Innovation

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Cannabis is currently the world’s most explosive industry, but the boom will not be limited to medicine and hemp. Advances made in technology for growing, tracking and testing cannabis will extend to agriculture as a whole.

Agtech has been a buzzword in Silicon Valley the past few years, with a record $2.7 billion invested in the space in 2015. But so far returns haven’t met expectations. Part of it is tight margins, which make it tough for farmers to invest in R&D and innovation, even if they can demonstrate a positive ROI. But even more so, many farmers are extremely risk-averse, and they don’t want to pilot technologies, but would readily adopt proven systems.

Therefore, a leader has to be found within agriculture to drive innovation, and that leader is cannabis. Cannabis is ideally positioned to be the primary driver of agricultural technology in the coming years, mostly due to...

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