Four Companies That Are Innovating Cultivation Technology

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Cannabis grows are getting more advanced thanks to these forward-thinking companies.

Many companies are expanding their reach into cultivation technology. The better the growing conditions, the better the cannabis. The major area of focus, however, is sustainability, making it a priority to help farmers save on electricity and water in order to reduce operating expenses and protect profit margin. Here are a few companies that are making a splash on the cultivation side of the industry.


Yofumo devices do a variety of cannabis care for commercial grow-ops. Devices can range from microwave-size to the size of a commercial refrigerator. Improving drying, mold treatment, security, and long-term and short-term storage are a few features that draw consumers to Yofumo. It also controls fungus and bacteria, a bothersome afterthought for most growers.

For commercial grow-ops, the Yofumo device is the most sensible choice, according to Alfonso...

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