Here's the pitch that landed a marijuana entrepreneur $1 million in funding

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Truman Bradley's pitch for a new kind of cannabis company began with a simple slogan. "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Most companies that make marijuana vaporizer cartridges or concentrates buy their source materials from farmers, slap their sticker on the packaging, and ship it off to dispensaries.

The end user knows little about where their weed comes from or its quality.

That didn't sit right with the former business manager. "None of the major companies were really providing their own source material, and as a result, they were subject to the whims of whatever they could get," Bradley said. "So the quality was fluctuating quite a bit."

Bradley hatched an idea for a vertically integrated marijuana concentrates and extracts company that grew its own materials. Like a brewery, Seed & Smith would offer educational tours at its facility so people could peel back the curtain on how their...

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