Will the 'Entrepreneur' President Embrace the Cannabis Economy?

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Cannabis industry thought leaders share some thoughts on how the Trump administration may affect them.

Election night was a resounding success for those supporting medical and recreational cannabis legalization. Recreational use was legalized in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine. Voters in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas all approved medical marijuana initiatives. A second go-around for Florida where, two years earlier, a medical marijuana measure earned an impressive 58 percent of the vote, but was short of the 60 percent threshold needed for passage.

Voters in Montana realigned the current laws to reflect the patient interests outlined in the original 2004 medical marijuana law. Described as a restoration by NORMLDeputy Director Paul Armentano -- “This decision restores the rights of patients and providers.”

The celebrations.

Accompanying each of these victories were a new American phenomena: Cannabis legalization parties. In states like California and cities like San Francisco, cannabis industry activists,...

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