Nebraska Group Fights to Legalize Marijuana with New Petitioning Office


You'll get to vote on whether to make marijuana legal in Nebraska two years from now, that's if one group has its way.

It has now opened an office in Omaha that it will use to try to convince you, but at least one state lawmaker says that's going to be an uphill battle.

Krystal Gabel said, "We can make this happen and it's a really exciting feeling for Nebraska."

Gabel is part of the group Legal Marijuana Now.

"Let us live with the freedom like alcohol users have, that tobacco users just touches my heart how many people could use it medically. They are being forced on prescription drugs."

It's why Gabel wants people to come to the group's new office in south Omaha and sign a petition. She wants you to vote two years from now to legalize pot "to completely remove all fines and penalties...

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