Marijuana legalization wars: Follow the money edition

A good way to gauge where things stand in the marijuana legalization wars a week before Election Day is to follow the money. And the latest polls, of course.

There are limitations to this approach. Trying to predict the outcome of an election by polling a week or less before the voting ends is a lot like trying to predict how a road trip is going to end by looking out the back window of the car. Ditto with following the money. The financial disclosure reports published, say, 10 days before Election Day don’t tell you how much will be contributed and spent before the polls close.

That said, here’s how things stood about a week ago.

According to an October 26 story in the Washington Post, the biggest contributor to the anti-marijuana legalization effort is — as expected — casino owner Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson has contributed $2 million to fight...

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