U.S. Marijuana Businesses Grapple With Complex Regulations

Interra Oils, a Washington state-based company that sells marijuana concentrate products–those that can be inhaled using a vaporizer or added to edibles–has to wait until it’s ready to deliver orders to customers before it adds a 16-digit sublot code to each individual package. Each time it gets an order from a store–even if it is the same order that same store made the previous week–it has to create a new manifest and generate a new 16-digit code.

If for some reason Interra can’t make a delivery–whether it’s traffic or another issue–the company must print a new label before it attempts another delivery. “The time it takes to put orders together is considerable,” said KC Dochtermann, the company’s sales and marketing director. “If someone orders 40 cartridges, we create a bar code, print that out and put a sticker on each one. Even if they order the same thing next week,...

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