5 Things You Need To Know About Cannabis Legalization In Nevada

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Several states will include cannabis questions on Election Day, November 8.

Nevada’s Ballot Question 2 asks voters whether Nevada should legalize recreational cannabis.

Here are five important things to know about Question 2:

The Basics

Passage of Question 2 will allow individuals in Nevada over the age of 21 to lawfully purchase, possess, and consume up to one ounce of cannabis flower or one-eighth of concentrated cannabis.

Individuals can also cultivate up to six cannabis plants for personal use, so long as cultivation takes place in an enclosed area with a lock.

Marijuana Establishments

If Question 2 passes, it will also allow for “marijuana establishments,” including the five following license types:

Cultivation Facilities: Licensed to cultivate, process, and package cannabis.

Testing Facilities: Licensed to test cannabis and cannabis products. This includes testing for potency and contaminants.

Product Manufacturing Facilities: Licensed to purchase, manufacture, process, and package cannabis. Licensed to sell...

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