Quebec: Jean Coutu To Allegedly Start Selling Marijuana

“Chez Jean Coutu, on trouve de tout, même un ami.”

That’s the famous slogan of the Quebec based pharmacy chain.

It translates to: “At Jean Coutu you’ll find it all, even a friend” .

But perhaps after today they’ll want to change their slogan to: “At Jean Coutu You’ll Find It All, Even Some Weed”.

It’s not a pipe dream either, (Get it, pipe dream?) the CEO of Jean Coutu announced this week that he is willing to start selling medical marijuana in his pharmacies.

They don’t plan on doing any lobbying or publicity campaigns to be have the right to start selling weed, they just claim to be open to the idea.

But that’s probably because they lack the proper motivation.

Francois Coutu claims he’s not sure how profitable marijuana sales would be. But you just need to take a look around the world to see that nobody selling marijuana is in financial trouble. Colorado made $700...

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