DEA Source Confirms that Schedule II Marijuana is in the Works

"Let me tell you how the big pharma industry works," said the DEA lawyer, picking up a glass of chardonnay and swirling it around. We were having lunch at Shutters on the Beach, and the wine, which I would pay for, cost $150 a glass. But he had promised to answer some questions from readers of my controversial article entitled "US Gov't Will Legalize Marijuana August 1."

"I'll tell you how this industry works. The big pharma people take the DEA people to dinner to discuss the legalization of Marijuana, how it's going to really work. They say:

'Listen, you and I both know that cannabis is much less dangerous, much less addictive than a lot of other schedule II stuff that we already sell, such as Oxycontin. Why don't we just go ahead and sell a few products, THC extract, TBD oil, so we can all make some money....

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