Pivotal Supreme Court Decision on Marijuana Legalization Delayed Again

The Supreme Court of the United States has again delayed any decision regarding the future of legal marijuana in the United States.

According to the Denver Post’s John Ingold this morning, the SCOTUS has yet to decide whether to hear or reject a lawsuit brought by two of Colorado’s neighboring states, Nebraska and Oklahoma

The SCOTUS first delayed deliberations on the lawsuit for a memorial for Justice Scalia. The lawsuit again appeared on the SCOTUS calendar for Friday, but as of today, no decision had been made.

Nebraska and Oklahoma are asking SCOTUS to dismantle state-level regulations on legal pot in Colorado — and by extensions Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC. The neighboring states argue marijuana is leaking out of Colorado and negatively impacting them.

SCOTUS can either agree to hear the lawsuit, setting the stage for more proceedings, or decline to hear it — which would nullify...

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