University of Vermont to Launch Country’s First Medical Cannabis Course

This Spring, the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine will be launching what is believed to be a first: A college-level course dedicated entirely to medical cannabis.

Despite the drug being illegal to possess and/or distribute, and being notoriously difficult to research due to strict Federal scheduling, two of the University’s professors are determined to make medical cannabis a part of the curriculum. Karen Lounsbury, PhD, and Wolfgang Dustmann, PhD, hope to strip away the stigma surrounding cannabis in order to teach students the facts, without the fear.

Unlike the well known Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, which specialises in teaching students about horticulture and how to get ahead in the cannabis industry, Lounsbury and Dustmann’s course is specifically about medical cannabis and the science behind it. As an expert in pharmacokinetics (the way in which a drug works in the body), Prof. Dustmann will...

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