Canada: In Praise Of Justin Trudeau Fighting the Good Fight

Earlier this week Civilised shared a short piece on Justin Trudeau, warmly welcoming him to the cannabis community as he begins his premiership.

Civilised is an online journal that represents ‘the millions of motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis recreationally’ across the USA, and, for Civilised, the emergence of Trudeau appears akin to that of a long awaited saviour, modernising and maturing the face of cannabis advocacy.

[Trudeau] makes familiar arguments about protecting kids and killing the black market, but he speaks with such ease and a sense of conviction that he inspires both confidence and a sense of connection with ordinary people – necessary ingredients for making the broader Canadian public embrace legalization. It’s why he should remain Canada’s front man on the issue, even if he has appointed MP (and former Toronto police chief) Bill Blair to be his point man.

Civilised share some excellent clips that demonstrate Trudeau’s...

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