Here's why Minnesota doctors are slow to prescribe cannabis

Minnesota doctors are slow to accept medical cannabis as a treatment option for lack of scientific evidence, fear of addiction and lack of educational programs, according to a new survey released to a state task force Tuesday.

Dr. Charles Reznikoff, a member of the Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research, the group responsible for gathering information about the program, conducted the survey. Reznikoff is an addiction specialist who practices at Hennepin County Medical Center. He sought opinions of 262 doctors from four institutions who practice all across the state.

The majority of doctors said qualifying conditions need to be more clear. They said they didn't want to be burdened by the program; they're nervous to register patients; and cautious to prescribe medical cannabis when so many patients abuse opioids and heroin addiction is a concern.

"There is a lot of worry about the opioid thing," Reznikoff said. "They're scared...

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