Medical Marijuana Could Have E. Coli And Mold In It, But Most States Wouldn't Know

With no federal standards to guide them, fewer than half of medical marijuana states require safety testing of cannabis.

If you take a prescription pill in America, you can be fairly certain of what you’re getting, thanks to strict federal regulations that mandate quality and consistency.

That’s not true for marijuana, even if a doctor prescribes it. Bud can mildew or be covered in potentially dangerous pesticides; edibles can be contaminated with E. coli or mold; concentrates like butane hash oil can have high levels of solvents left over from processing.

As more states legalize medical or recreational marijuana, they’re tasked with defining the kind of tests and quality controls that must be done, if any, on the edibles, bud, and concentrates sold at dispensaries and storefronts across the country. But because selling or possessing cannabis is still a federal crime, the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana...

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