Marijuana Chocolates and Cookies Rise in Sales in Omaha

Marijuana is making the rounds in Omaha in chocolate, cookie and candy form.

According to Sgt Dave Bianchi of the Omaha Police, these varieties of marijuana merchandise allow people discretion when they use the drug. He says purchase of the marijuana-infused goodies have been growing. He suspects these are supplied to Omaha by a group of people from Nebraska, who may be purchasing pot from Colorado where marijuana retail sales has been allowed since January 2014.

Sgt Bianchi also says that the cannabis sweets, made with extracted tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), produces a more potent high compared to the effect of smoking rolled weed or of smoking with a water pipe.

In Omaha, however, THC in these candied or baked forms qualify as an illegal controlled substance and possession or distribution of these count for a prison term.  An example is one local who received charges on two counts of possession...

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