Baking Bad: Police say edible forms of marijuana hit new high in Omaha

Sgt. Dave Bianchi sets a bag of chocolates onto a table at Omaha police headquarters.

The narcotics detective isn’t handing out treats to his colleagues. He’s showing off the latest, tastiest ways to get high.

“It looks like a chocolate, a cookie or a chunk of candy,” Bianchi said. The marijuana-infused edibles, he said, allow people to “use marijuana, but be discreet about it.”

The edibles are becoming more common in the Omaha area, especially over the past year, Bianchi said. He suspects some Nebraskans decided to make their own pot products after visiting neighboring Colorado, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2012 and began allowing retail sales in January 2014.

The process involves extracting THC — the high-inducing substance in marijuana — putting it into a wax, butter or oil, then cooking with it.

Bianchi said that when ingested, the effect typically is a stronger, more controlled high than the...

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