Activist concerned Maritime marijuana tradition could lead to tobacco addictions

Nova Scotia activist doesn't want people to mix marijuana with tobacco if pot is legalized

With the expected legalization of pot, a Nova Scotia activist is concerned about a Maritime marijuana tradition spreading — smoking marijuana cigarettes cut with tobacco.

It's a practice Nova Scotia rapper Classified referenced in his song, The Maritimes. 

"We always mix our tobacco with weed, it's the way we've always done it," Classified raps.

That song brings a smile to Chris Backer's face.

"For a lot of Maritimers financially, we have less money here. And a lot of people stretched [marijuana] out that way by mixing it with tobacco," said the vice-chair of Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana.

If the Trudeau election promise to legalize recreational use is fulfilled, Backer expects initially more people will try smoking marijuana, and then as the novelty wears off, use will drop.

"When you're allowed to it's not as much fun," said Backer.

And as...

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