Medical marijuana users unsure what Trudeau has planned for them

Canada's major marijuana producers are bracing for big changes, with a pro-pot parliament waiting in the wings.

During his campaign, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau said legalizing the recreational use of marijuana would be a top priority.

But Christopher Enns, who runs a Halifax medical marijuana shop, isn't sure the anticipated new laws will change much for him.

He's licensed as a designated grower, but technically only allowed to supply one or two people. His shop has been raided by police twice.

And while he said he hopes his customers will eventually feel less stigmatized under the new Liberal government, as a small supplier, he's also feeling a little left out.

That's because the Conservative government brought in rules which forced new medical users to buy their pot from only a handful of certified industrial growers, and only through the mail.

Enns said the old way of selling in person was better for the buyer.

"You didn't have...

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