10 Essential Technologies for Cannabis Dispensary Owners

By Roni Stetter, Cashinbis

ile recreational cannabis for adults is legal in a couple of states, medical dispensaries still dominate the industry landscape nationally; and, the ancillary services companies that do business with them are some of the biggest upcoming brands to watch in the industry.

Whether your state allows you to profit from your dispensary, or mandates that you give back to the members in a nonprofit or cooperative model, money is still the bottom line in keeping your store open, and a big part of that is efficiency. A storefront or delivery service that is organized and streamlined in its business processes will ultimately see increased success and customer satisfaction – plus, most states are coming around to regulating the industry electronically, making tracking, finance and compliance software solutions in demand for the responsible dispensary owner.

Dispensaries still face several challenges, most prominently with processing payments and doing...

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