Man arrested after accepting marijuana delivery


Undercover police officers arrested a man after he had almost 5 pounds of marijuana delivered to a local business.

Police said they had been investigating James Lobasco for having marijuana shipped to him in the past.

Officers said they observed Lobasco and his girlfriend parked outside a business at 1215 Ninth Ave. N. on Wednesday.

Officers saw a U.S. Mail truck pull into the business and drop off a box. When the mail truck left, police said the suspect’s girlfriend entered the business and picked up the package.

Police said they detained Lobasco and his girlfriend while a K-9 unit arrived.

After the K-9 indicated there was narcotics inside the package, police said Lobasco consented for a search of the package.

Police said they found five vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana. The total weight of the marijuana was 4 pounds, 15 ounces.

Police said Lobasco said that...

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