Lebanon: Is it time to bring your bong to Baalbek?

MP Walid Jumblatt tweeted last year, “It is time to legalize growing cannabis in Lebanon.” His tweet did not pass unnoticed, especially with all the controversy it raised, while it received broad acclaim from hundreds of cannabis backers in Baalbek, in particular those wanted by the judiciary. They support his stance from a strictly economic point of view, as most of them only plant cannabis — used to make marijuana and hashish — without using it. Instead, they promote it or use it for trade.

Summary⎙ Print While in the past the Lebanese government has made efforts to destroy some of the country’s illegal cannabis fields, this has yet to happen this year as the security services as preoccupied with more pressing threats.
Author Wissam IsmailPosted September 1, 2015
TranslatorCynthia Milan
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