Last Week, 100 Indian Doctors Met To Discuss Why Marijuana is Good Pain Medicine

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Indian doctors met for the "Seminar on Chronic Pain”, organised by AIIMS-Bhubaneswar and Medicinal Cannabis Foundation of India (MCFI) this month to discuss how chronic and cancer pain can be controlled using marijuana.

India's relationship with marijuana

Most importantly, the event focused on marijuana's pain relieving properties, and saw notable speakers, including Indian-American physician-scientist Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, M.D., Ph.D., who spoke on Cannabinoid Integrative Medicine.  He spoke on how India has since long understand  the medical properties of Cannabis, making it a part of Ayurveda. “Cannabis Sativa”, has also been formally introduced into India's digital library to protect it international biopiracy.

The scientific benefits of smoking weed

Cannabis' effects on the human body have helped understand "major molecular signaling system, widespread in the human body and present in 600 million living organisms....". And just last month, scientists in Israel have discovered that certain chemicals in cannabis help broken bones mend...

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