Toronto's Marijuana Infused Comedy Scene

Toronto Vaping Comedy Rooms

How is this possible? That’s the first question usually asked by out-of-town comics when they walk in on one of Toronto’s Vapor Lounge comedy shows. The center of Canada’s comedy universe is home to a series of weekly rooms where audience members can openly smoke marijuana while enjoying some of the best standup the city has to offer.

Hunter Collins hosts Third Klass Thursdays at Vapor Central. “We’re up to at least half a dozen venues in the city that do multiple shows. You can basically just do weed shows during the week and then clubs on the weekends.”

Third Klass Thursdays along with Weedy Wednesdays and Stoner Sundays are three of the biggest weekly standup shows in Toronto, vapor lounge or not and all three happen at Vapor Central on Yonge Street.

“The comedy shows definitely attract the most people in regards to events that...

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