Hemp farms inspections are underway

The investigators also took GPS coordinates around the grow area. That can be relayed to authorities, so that when they fly over properties looking for illegally planted fields, they will know Rasmussen's is legal.

Hemp farmers are generally growing the plant for textile products.

They also measured how quickly plants are growing. The tallest was 72 inches and planted six weeks ago.

Hemp, which has a strong resemblance to marijuana, is controversial and highly regulated because of its possibility for THC levels.

THC is the chemical that produces a high in marijuana users.

"The difference is that marijuana is high in THC, and hemp is very low, or has no THC whatsoever," Tennessee Department of Agriculture Director of Communications Corinne Gould said.

Due to the late planting date, the plants are still too premature to be tested for THC levels.

"We want it close to harvest time...because that's when the...

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