Police issue marijuana alert

Police are seeking the public's help in controlling the production of illegal marijuana in Norfolk County.

The 2015 growing season is underway and it promises to be a good one for illegal producers of marijuana. Norfolk OPP advise the public to be cautious and to report suspicious activity associated with marijuana production to the authorities.

“Typically, these illicit crops are located in swamps, cornfields, wooded areas, along rivers and on rural rental properties obscured from view,” Const. Ed Sanchuk of the Norfolk OPP said in a news release. “Marijuana plants are bright green in colour and can grow between three and five feet tall and give off a distinctive strong, pungent musty odour.”

Certain suspicious behaviours may be a sign that an illegal grow-op is underway in your neighbourhood. These include:

• Abandoned vehicles parked in secluded areas.

• People walking in remote areas for no apparent reason.

• Bags...

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