Musician Shawn Brush crowd-funding cost of medical marijuana

Instead of popping a pill or using an IV, local musician Shawn Brush smokes his pain medication.

But because he can't afford his medical marijuana prescription on his Ontario Disability Support Program money, he is turning to the community for help.

Brush, 45, has a marijuana licence prescription to treat pain caused by a rare metabolic condition called Morquio syndrome. It has caused his dwarfism and affects all of his bones and tissues, he says. His joints, for example, are abnormally flexible and unstable.

"I've had broken bones all my life," he says. "There's a lot of pain."

There's no cure for Morquio syndrome: the best doctors can do is help to treat the pain. Before obtaining his cannabis prescription, he was on a variety of other pain medications.

Until recently, Brush was able to get marijuana at a relatively low cost. But existing regulations stipulate that

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