Can Pot Coins Get You High Profits?

Pot Coins Are Low Market Cap Altcoins Which May Appreciate Significantly

Pot Coins are designed to make legal and medical marijuana transactions easier for buyer and seller. They are digital currencies for the cannabis industry.

Why not just use bitcoin instead? Bitcoin is already accepted at many medical marijuana dispensaries. Banks and credit card processors are hesitant to give marijuana shops merchant accounts. Most dispensaries are forced to deal in cash or bitcoin.

There are problems with bitcoin also. Coinbase and BitPay have refused to accept cannabis dispensaries as customers. Their problem is that cannabis, while legal in many states, is still illegal at the US Federal level.

One bitcoin processor is attempting to change that. Danish based Coinify will convert bitcoin used to buy legal cannabis and convert to fiat. BitMD offers tablets and even a bitcoin ATM Both connect with Coinify and are gaining...

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