Pygmies Get Higher Than We Do

In a recent study done by Washington State University, scientists studied cannabis use amongst hunter-gatherers of the Congo Basin, also called “pymies.” Scientists found more pygmies smoked cannabis on average than in the Western world, and cannabis use was associated with having a healthier gut with less parasitic worms. The use of cannabis and other psychoactive plants might originate from a subconscious drive to rid the body of internal parasites and other maladies.

Forest foragers from the western Congo Basin, members of the Aka group live along the Lobaye River in small logging camps. The same group of researchers had previously studied tobacco use amongst the Aka, and found it was associated with fewer parasitic worms. Given the large body of evidence that shows cannabis can fight pathogens, parasites and bacteria, the scientists decided to run a similar experiment with cannabis.

By collecting urine and stool...

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