Why Pot Activists Really, Really Don't Like Pa.'s Medical Marijuana Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a medical marijuana bill 40-7 this week. The GOP-controlled Senate … in Pennsylvania … gave a thumbs-up to medical marijuana. Such a freak occurrence should be roundly cheered by pot activists, no?

Well, that’s not what happened.


Here's a sampling of things that advocates for medical pot said recently about "Senate Bill 3," the medical marijuana bill sponsored by Sen. Daylin Leach and Sen. Mike Folmer:

  • "Legislators claim to do something, full well knowing they are doing nothing!" tweeted suburban mom Anne Gemmell, who was instrumental in getting marijuana decriminalized in Philadelphia.
  • "People are dying, at least 22 veterans are resorting to suicide every day, but apparently politics is more important to Harrisburg," said veteran Michael Whiter, who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • "In the long term, SB3 may help a handful of patients. In the short term, it will do nothing but offer false hope," said Chris Goldstein, co-chair of PhillyNORML.
  • "I am very grateful that
  • ...
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