Brnovich backs off anti-marijuana campaign authorization

PHOENIX — Saying he has concerns about abuse, Attorney General Mark Brnovich withdrew his formal legal opinion that public officials can use their offices and resources to “educate” voters on an upcoming ballot measure.

In a prepared statement, press aide Kristen Keogh said there were “allegations” that his opinion, issued less than two weeks ago, “may have provided an opportunity for potential government abuse.” And she said he takes that issue “very seriously.”

Communications chief Ryan Anderson said the next step is to review the issue and issue a revision that is not only “more clear,” but also ensures the opinion, which can be cited in court cases, is not used in a way that does not protect taxpayer dollars.

Thursday’s action voids, for now, Brnovich’s conclusion the laws prohibiting the use of public funds to influence the outcome of elections do not prevent tax dollars from being used for...

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