Police in Tennessee Expand Their Search for Edible Marijuana

For almost 20 years, Jim Jefferies has been police chief in LaFollette, Tennessee and during that time, he has busted hundreds of vehicles passing marijuana through his town. But today, he is on the lookout for something different: marshmallows and lollipops.

A few days ago, his officers stopped a Chevy Blazer driven by a couple with three children in tow. After inspecting the car, the officers found 24 pounds of candies and cookies containing marijuana. These items are popular in states where marijuana is legalized and it’s difficult to differentiate them from sweet goodies.

The police are having a hard time identifying sweet goodies containing marijuana. The drug is contained in various types of sweet goodies, making it difficult for police officers to arrest people transporting it.

In February, police seized edible marijuana worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in San Antonio. Reports say that these goods are manufactured in...

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