Kincardine medical marihuana facility layoffs come after five months of waiting on Health Canada federal inspections

Kincardine’s medical marihuana facility has laid off its 15 workers, and management will continue to operate at zero salary while they await a Health Canada inspection of the completed facility.

Advanced Medical Marihuana Canada (AMMCan), a subsidiary of Supreme Pharmaceutical, has spent over $500,000 in upkeep costs since Dec. 12, 2014, when it informed the federal government that renovations were completed and it was ready for inspection of the pharmaceutical marihuana facility at the Bruce Energy Centre, off Bruce Road 20 near Lake Huron.

AMMCan president Peter Herburger said they had hoped inspections would have come sooner within the estimated six-month window for inspections, so after five months of waiting the company is tightening up financially until inspectors arrive.

Herburger said he explained the situation to his “family” of workers, of which a number of senior staff will stay on at no cost until inspectors arrive.

“We’re extremely disappointed in...

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