New drugs reform law into force today– what has changed?

Reforms to Malta’s drug laws have come into force today. What will change in practice?

Less harsh on simple possession but police still allowed to interrogate

The police will prosecute people caught with small quantities of drugs (defined as a maximum of 3.5g of cannabis, 2g of other drugs, two pills of ecstacy). Such users will be subjected to fines ranging between €65 and €125, or between €50 and €100 in the case of cannabis. However, they will not appear in court but rather before a newly-appointed Justice Commissioner, Sedqa social worker Victoria Scicluna.

However, the police will still be able to detain people caught with small quantities of drugs for up to 48 hours, so as to extract information related to drug trafficking.

A person caught with small quantities of drugs, except cannabis, for the second time in two years will be referred to a Drug Offenders Rehabilitation Board,...

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