Ending Prohibition: Towards Strict Regulation or Human Rights?




A Strict Regulation Approach…

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  1. Gangsters can’t be in charge of them we must end prohibition.
  2. Drugs are dangerous and need to be strictly regulated.
  3. Only approved companies can produce them.
  4. Only approved outlets can sell them.
  5. Only approved regulated drugs can be sold.
  6. Individuals are not allowed to manufacture or cultivate drugs.
  7. Possession of unregulated drugs is an offence.
  8. Individuals can only consume ‘approved’ drugs.
  9. Police can enter without a warrant if unregulated drug production/cultivation is suspected.
  10. We now have legal state approved drugs, & outlawed underground unregulated drugs.
  11. Tough enforcement applies to possession and supply of all unregulated drugs.
  12. You have arrived at your destination, a full circle, welcome to New Prohibition.

This model has been adopted in New Zealand for the ‘regulation’ of New Psychoactive Substances.


Human Rights Approach…

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