Arizona studying safer labeling of edible marijuana

Medical marijuana cardholders in Arizona could see changes in the way edible products are labeled.

The state created a $58,000 contract with the Coconino County Public Health Services District focused on studying how to strengthen the packing, labeling and storage of edible products. A survey was distributed to patients at dispensaries across the state to gauge their level of education about medical marijuana and how they use it.

The concern is the threat of a patient overdose from consuming edible products like cookies, brownies and cakes. Current state law requires the amount, strain, and batch number of medical marijuana as well as a warning label.

However, as Laura Rivero, manager at High Mountain Health dispensary, told us, "Each company has a different way of labeling."

High Mountain Health is one of several dispensaries sharing their practices with Coconino County with the hope that labels on edibles will become more detailed and...

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