Support growing for the legalization of marijuana in Mississippi

OXFORD, Miss. — Support is growing for the federal legalization of medical marijuana.

Legislation led in part by Congressman Steve Cohen is gaining traction with Republicans and Democrats cosponsoring the bipartisan act.

Tuesday WREG spoke with one woman, Kelly Jacobs, who is trying to take that effort a step further in Mississippi.

“I am trying to collect signatures on Ballot Initiative 48,” she said. “We are trying to regulate marijuana like alcohol because regulation works.”

Jacobs is trying to get enough signatures to land the issue of legalizing marijuana on the ballot in Mississippi.

“We need 110,000 by December 29. We have 4,200.”she said.

Jacobs wants to see marijuana completely legalized and regulated, so people under the age of 21 cannot buy it and people cannot legally drive under the influence of it.

But the ballot initiative does not stop there.

“We require the Governor to pardon cannabis crimes so...

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