Medical Marijuana in Nebraska Spotlight

The judiciary committee in the Nebraska Legislature is expected to decide this week what avenues to pursue -- or not pursue -- in the medical marijuana debate. Many families are making a last minute push for change.

If any of the bills being considered become law, Nebraska would become the 24th state to allow a form of marijuana to be used as medicine.

“I just want to know what Nebraska is going to do for those who are sick and have debilitating illnesses," said Shelley Gillen, from her Bellevue living room.

She was joined by two other mothers. Their children all suffer from a form of epilepsy.

"I've witnessed where she can't write her name and then can again," said Becky Budden describing her 4-year-old daughter Ali. "Some days she'll sleep 18-hours. Some days we're up all night. It depends on how it is. But how much more brain damage...

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