Medical Marijuana: Who Will Win The Right To Run The Government’s Only Marijuana Farm?

The only federally-approved fields of marijuana in the United States are currently located on the U.S. government’s 12-acre marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi, which has supplied researchers with the drug since 1968. But a new contract to name the official operator of the farm, who will be tasked with growing pot for all the researchers who want to study it over the next five years, will be announced by the end of March. The government's exclusive contract with the University of Mississippi to grow legal cannabis expires on Sunday, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse could choose to move the farm elsewhere.

So far, the University of Mississippi’s contract has been renewed every five years since it was first awarded and it’s likely that this will happen again. However, many changes have occurred in the past five years on the marijuana front. The university's bid could face...

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