Canada: Beer and wine may be on sale at an Ontario supermarket near you

TORONTO – Supermarkets in Ontario may finally be allowed to sell beer and wine to its customers in the near future, according to a report in the Toronto Star.

The newspaper cites sources saying the Liberal government is eager at loosening the quasi-monopoly held by the Beer Store and in turn offer hundreds of Ontario supermarkets the ability to stock their shelves with alcohol.

Sources tell the Star the move will likely be announced in the upcoming spring budget.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said last month the province is preparing changes to the way alcoholic beverages are sold but it will still not permit beer sales in corner stores.

The Star reports that beer and wine would be displayed in a defined area or aisle of a large supermarket, but not cordoned off from other food and beverages.

However, distilled spirits and hard liquor such as vodka and whiskey...

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