Landing a Multi-Million Dollar Investment: Q&A With David Dinenberg of Kind Financial

More big-money investors are looking at the cannabis industry as public perception sways in favor of legalization and the overall risks subside.

Everybody from savvy business pros who’ve pumped millions into mainstream industries to the types of celebrities you’d expect to invest in marijuana (Snoop Dogg and Tommy Chong) are jumping on the cannabis bandwagon.

But landing big money – $1 million or more in the nascent marijuana industry – is still difficult, and only a small number of cannabis companies have done it successfully.

David Dinenberg, a former real estate developer originally from Philadelphia who’s now in Los Angeles, is one of them.

He has raised a total of $2 million to fund his startup Kind Financial, a financial services company that will soon launch a merchant services product for the cannabis industry. His biggest investor is Lindy Snider, the founder...

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