Expo/Event Coordinator job - Bluebird Botanicals - Broomfield, CO

Expo/Event Coordinator
Bluebird Botanicals

Job Listing Details

The Expo/Event Coordinator is responsible for setting up logistical frameworks and representing Bluebird Botanicals at various trade shows around the state, and around the country. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

Coordinate timing with Expo/Trade Show points of contact regularly via e-mail and telephone
Create and follow a budget for each expo
Design booth space and generate ideas for promotional materials
Create metrics to analyze growth of sales due to attendance of expos
Provide regular status reports to ownership and management
Coordinate Shared Expo Space with other businesses as needed
Other duties as assigned

High School Diploma or GED
Proficient in MS Office and/or Open Office
Ability to travel

Preferred Skills:
Bachelor's Degree Preferred
1-3 years experience working at Trade Shows and Expos
Familiarity with the Cannabis Industry and Cannabinoids

About Us

Bluebird Botanicals is a start-up company in the...

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