The Brilliant Mind Behind the Indica Vaporizer

Michael Freelander: Indica LLC

When you’re flying thousands of feet above ground on a flight to Hong Kong and you suddenly come across an article that makes where you’re going and what you’re doing no longer relevant… What do you do? Take it from Michael Freelander of Indica LLC — You pivot. And you pivot fast! When you have that stroke of insight about what you should be doing, why waste any time? Michael certainly didn’t and got straight to work on building the most gorgeously-designed vaporizer we’ve ever seen, among doing a million other things of course (Because that’s just what brilliant men like Michael do).

What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?

Well, I’ve always referred to this moment as my entrepreneurial epiphany. It was like an internal Seismic sensor went off in your mind, well before...

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