Police boss calls for drugs to be legal

"THE war on drugs has failed. The criminalisation of people addicted to drugs has been a destructive force in every conceivable arena; from ethics to politics, health to policing, social work to economics.

Addiction is an illness, and recognised as such in almost all instances, including alcohol and gambling. It is quite correctly public policy, not to mention common decency, to help and treat those who are ill. But for those addicted to controlled drugs, this is not currently the case.

The current legal framework dictates that they are arrested, vilified and persecuted. This approach is not only ethically dubious, but is rooted in decades of failure. We need a new approach; one that treats addicts as patients who need treatment, rather than criminals who need locking up.

When I was campaigning to become police and crime commissioner, I made a promise to ensure all policy is evidence-based.

The UK’s...

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