Castle Craig clinic: Romania has not legalised medical marijuana, only one mouth spray in EU contains cannabis


Romania doesn’t allow the use of marijuana to treat several diseases and no laws have been changed to allow substances from this plant, according to a statement from Castle Craig clinic.

Following Romanian and international media reports that Romania has allowed the use of medical marijuana, Castle Craig clinic contacted Romania’s Antidrug Agency and the National Agency of Medicines within the Ministry of Health.

Referring to this matter, Sorin Oprea, director of the National Antidrug Agency, said:

“There is no legislative change or draft law on allowing the medical use of marijuana and no medicine containing substances from cannabis was not approved on the pharmaceutical market in Romania.”

Castle Craig clinics also contacted Anca Crupariu, press officer for the National Agency for Medicines, which stated:

“There is only one medicine in the European Union that contains cannabis extract, namely oral spray Sativex.

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