High time to decriminalise ganja

Norris McDonald, Contributor

Medical marijuana is now a growing industry in the United States (US) and that country's Attorney General Eric Holder has said the federal government will no longer attempt to fight the 20 states that, in one form or another, have legalised the weed.

I was quite surprised therefore, when I read that Dr Dayton Campbell, a medical practitioner and member of parliament, claims that there will be wide-ranging negative effects if Jamaica decriminalises marijuana.

Even more surprising, he has adopted this position when it is a matter of public record that Dr Sanjay Gupta, the Medical Correspondent of CNN is on record advocating its decriminalisation for medical use. It seems Jamaica may well be left behind in the new drug research and industrial potential that can be gained from the decriminalisation of marijuana.

I believe Dr Campbell's point of view is not supported by any medical or...

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